Frequently Asked Questions

How Much does it cost?

It depends on your specific condition.  We always offer an initial consultation with the Doctor at NO CHARGE and no obligation.  This gives you an opportunity to meet the Doctor and discuss your health challenges. After your consultation, Dr. Koester will make a recommendation and discuss any fees. The cost of your first visit varies, depending on your condition.

For your convenience, we have easy payment arrangements for individuals as well as families under care.  Our full service insurance department files all insurance claims for you. We accept Medicare, Major Medical, Workers Compensation, Auto Insurance, Attorney Letters of Protection, Major Credit Cards, and Cash.

Does insurance cover Chiropractic care?

Most health insurance policies do have Chiropractic benefits. Your specific amount of coverage will be defined in your particular plan.  Medicare, Workers Compensation, and Auto Insurance will also cover Chiropractic care.  Our full service insurance department completes all forms for you and handles all billing, so you don't have to.

How long does it take to achieve results?

This also depends on your condition, age, and level of spinal degeneration. In most cases, pain relief can be achieved within 1 to 3 weeks. Correction and stabilization of the spine, to prevent the condition from returning over and over again, takes longer.

Does Chiropractic help headaches and migraines?

We have terrific success through Chiropractic in the treatment of painful headaches. The cause of this painful condition is usually found in the cervical spine (neck area). There is often a loss of the normal curve in the cervical spine. Without this curve, there is nerve interference (pinched nerves) blocking the healthy flow of information from the brain through the nervous system to the body. Through corrective Chiropractic adjustments and cervical traction, the normal cervical curve can be restored to the extent the body will allow. This helps to eliminate the misalignments in the spine which were causing the painful warning signal, the headache. THE PROBLEM IS THE SPINAL MISALIGNMENT, THE WARNING SIGNAL IS THE HEADACHE. 

How does Chiropractic care help Leg Pain and Sciatica?  

For decades Chiropractic patients have experienced the benefits of spinal adjustments for relief of sciatica and leg pain. When nerves are irritated and interfered with, the result will be painful. In the area of the sciatic nerve, and legs, a properly adjusted spine allows for relief of nerve irritation and therefore relief from painful problems. Many patients prefer gentle adjustments to the alternatives of pain injections and surgery.  

Are there side effects to Chiropractic care?  

No. In fact, there are side-benefits. For example, a patient who came in with back pain recently, received adjustments to relieve the subluxation patterns in her spine. During her care plan, she not only experienced relief from her back pain, she also reports that she has more energy, is sleeping better, and is using her athsma inhaler 50% less than usual. This sounds amazing, and it makes perfect sense, if you understand Chiropractic. A well aligned healthy spine means a healthy nervous system. Your healthy nervous system effects everything in your body, including your immune system. These are only a few of the "side-benefits" of having a healthy spine and nervous system.

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