Work Injuries

At Long Hollow Chiropractic we have helped many patients who were injured at work return to good health. Painful problems caused by lifting, falling, repetitive trauma, carpel tunnel syndrome and other traumatic accidents can be addressed through Chiropractic.  

Once you have reported your accident to your supervisor, you need to get checked right away. This is why our office will always see you the day you call for an appointment. Without immediate attention, your condition can become worse and more complex to treat.

Our full service insurance department can handle all documentation necessary to file your injury with the Tennessee Workers Compensation Commission. We can take care of all of the insurance billing so you do not have to pay over the counter for your treatment.  

Throughout every step of your treatment plan, our office will establish an open line of communication between your Doctor, employer, case manager and insurance adjuster. We will assist with recording your progress, reporting any changes in your treatment plan, and analyzing job tasks for your return to work.

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